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The Andrés Siegel / ART Gallery, over its more than 20 years of existence, has managed to build a significant collection in terms of painting. Our painting catalog consists of pieces that not only have great aesthetic value but also hold significant historical value within Mexican painting.

We have works by artists from various periods and styles.

Painting encompasses a wide variety of techniques and styles. Some of the most commonly used techniques within the painting category or original pieces are Oil Painting, Tempera, Acrylic, Gouache, and Watercolor, all with distinctive finishes.


We have a wide selection of drawings in our catalog, varying in dimensions and created by prominent artists. These can range from simple sketches to works that serve as a prelude to more elaborate paintings. Although drawings are not created using the same techniques as painting, they are original and unique pieces that often reflect the artist's creative process.


Drawing, essentially, is the outlining of an image or figure, typically done with pencil or charcoal. It is, in many cases, the primordial form of artistic expression known to this day.


Graphic works are reproductions created by the artist or under their authorization, using printing methods such as lithography, serigraphy, mixography, and engravings. The latter are subdivided into techniques such as aquatint, etching, woodcut, and mezzotint, among others, each with distinctive finishes depending on the printing process and materials used, which can include metal plates, stone, or wood on paper, fabric, or other supports. These reproductions are based on an original work and are usually produced in limited series, each signed and numbered by the artist.


We offer a wide variety of sculptures designed to enrich a broad range of environments, both residential and corporate. Thanks to their diversity in materials and dimensions, these works adapt perfectly to any space. From small sculptures that add a touch of originality to interiors, to larger pieces conceived to embellish outdoor spaces. Regardless of the material used, these sculptures stand out as central pieces in any art collection.


In our artistic repertoire, we possess a wide selection of photographic works from various artists, each with considerable historical value. Our collection is not limited solely to artistic photography but also includes captures of urban environments, journalistic images, and historical snapshots.